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Our Process
Waterstreet uses a 6 step process to ensure the successful implementation of your new software system. Our process has been refined through years of service to our clients and completion of hundreds of projects.


Waterstreet's Six Step implementation process:

  1. Needs Analysis - Our needs analysis helps define your unique business model and is essential for establishing the project components necessary to meet end user needs and expectation.
  2. Project Definition - Preliminary planning and definition of goals, needs, and scope of work
  3. Implementation - Based on the scope of work defined in the Needs Analysis; we implement the required software modules and define the basic outline of your software system
  4. Tailoring - Waterstreet then tailors the software modules to reflect your brand and best practices.  This ensures that the software looks, feels, and functions the way you need it to. 
  5. Beta Testing - Beta testing highlights unforeseen components of the software that need to be revised. Beta allows the software to be tested and validated in a controlled environment with no risk to daily operations.  This Beta test group also lets us start building support from within your franchise system and as a transition to full implementation.
  6. The new software is rolled out to your franchise system, training is completed, and a foundation for ongoing support is defined.

          All Waterstreet solutions are backed by 24/7 technical support! 

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