Franchise Sales & Service Automation: Waterstreet & ClientTether Partnership

Hey, check it out. Waterstreet customers can now seamlessly access the power of Client Tether sales automation. The franchise business is always evolving, technology is always evolving, and so is Waterstreet.

“Waterstreet’s technology roadmap includes working with like-minded service providers to enhance the features within Waterstreet Franchise Management Software. Franchise innovation leaders, the ones who want that extra edge to optimize sales, will find the added power of Client Tether invaluable.”
Jeff Dumont, President & CEO of Waterstreet.

Client Tether provides in-depth automation of lead conversion, sales, and client retention. When a service is scheduled, automated and customized 1-to-1 communications confirm appointments. When a service has been delivered, customized invitations are sent for online review.

“Our vision is to automate a rich client experience from end-to-end. The power and scalability available when ClientTether is added to Waterstreet’s suite of franchise management tools far surpass any other in the market. And these tools are constantly getting better.”
Dave Hansen, President of ClientTether.

An early integration of Waterstreet and ClientTether was released for a US based home service franchise system with over 170 locations. What’s great about this rollout isn’t just the increased client engagement and revenue for individual franchise owners. It’s also how owners feel about the software. How it reduces their administrative work while driving increased sales. The road forward includes deeper integration between both systems, to provide our clients a more seamless experience.

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To learn more about Client Tether click here.

Hands down, one of the best software companies we have worked with. Waterstreet’s Field Service Management software provides The Maids with the core tools and technology to better manage our franchise system.

Paul Andersen, CFO
The Maids International

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