Collaboration Tools for Franchises

Do you want to improve relationships with partners, customers and vendors?

As your franchise grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to collect and deliver the information you need to make sure franchisees value your partnership and remain loyal to your brand. If you wish you had a 24/7 stand-in to consolidate information and deliver timely news and updated materials to franchisees, it’s time to move to Waterstreet’s Franchise Management Software.

Your franchise communication and collaboration challenges might include:

  • Quickly providing updated user manuals, training and marketing materials.
  • Keeping track of who has what information.
  • Identifying who needs additional support.
  • Tracking and managing franchisee communications, contracts and documents to minimize litigation.
  • Providing round-the-clock franchisee support services.
  • Regularly keeping in touch on a personal level.


FranchiZOR includes collaboration tools to help franchises communicate and connect with franchisees using a secure intranet and community resource center. Franchisees can easily access information and materials through a knowledge base and also use the help desk to support each other through permission-based discussion forums and support tickets.

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