Brand Management Tool for Franchises

Do you need a better way to maintain control of your franchise’s brand?

If you’re currently growing your franchise, you’ve probably discovered that your franchise’s brand guidelines and marketing messaging can quickly go rogue. Since it doesn’t take much to dilute the brand equity at the core of your franchise, protecting your brand is critical to protecting the value of your business.

Your franchise brand management and marketing challenges might include:

  • Incorrect logo use
  • Off-brand color schemes
  • Misleading messaging
  • Unprofessional designs
  • Incorrectly sourced imagery and possible fines
  • Inappropriate marketing
  • Out-of-line pricing


FranchiZOR has franchise brand management and marketing tools that help keep franchisees on brand by centralizing all aspects of the franchisee relationship, including territory management, operating agreements, compliance documentation, renewals and location-specific parameters distinct to each franchisee.

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