Route Optimization for Field Service Teams

How do you schedule field service jobs to maximize efficiency?

An optimized field service route can be the difference between completing an extra job or not—especially if new jobs are booked throughout the day. Are you sure you’re booking your field service teams into as many jobs as possible each day to maximize efficiency and profits?

Your route optimization challenges might include:

  • Optimizing mapped routes for drivers.
  • Distributing optimized routes to individual Technicians and / or Crews and Resources.
  • Calculating time of arrival, travel times and distances.
  • Communicating with your Call Center to provide customer with arrival notifications.


FranchiZEE’s Route Optimization Engine and Mapping integration helps schedule field service jobs across wide-ranging territories, crews and resources. Minimize drive time, maximize availability and ensure your employees arrive on time. Route optimization and creation is just one of the project tools we offer that can enhance your business.

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