Call Center Interface for Franchises

How do you efficiently manage a growing influx of outbound and inbound sales and customer service calls?

Are you starting to lose track of your calls? Or, are you simply tired of making and answering the same calls over and over again? If you can create reliable scripts, you can place them in a call center interface and train a team to schedule jobs and answer calls for you. Of course, this assumes you have a franchise call center interface that can store your standardized calling processes and integrated customer profiles.

Your inbound and outbound calling challenges might include:

  • Identifying and prioritizing leads to calls.
  • Keeping track of sales follow ups.
  • Minimizing or eliminating the time franchisee’s spend on scheduling jobs.
  • Following up on accounts receivable payments at the right time.
  • Correctly and consistently answering support calls from franchisees.
  • Providing on-demand customer service and support.
  • Maintaining records of communications over time.


FranchiZOR’s Call Center Interface and Support Software for franchises gives you the tools to set up a call center interface to help quickly onboard a team and easily manage a team of inbound or outbound customer call specialists.

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