Recruit new franchisees with prospecting and sales management tools.


Franchise development and growth depends on your ability to royalize the success of an increasing number of franchisees. But first you need to acquire them. Do you have the processes and tools in place to manage and support a franchise sales team?


FranchiZING Franchise Development and Growth Software provides your sales team with the business development tools they need to convert prospects into franchisee partners.

Manage your pipeline

Track franchisee prospects and their place in your sales pipeline.

Create campaigns

Franchise development software for rolling out marketing campaigns and measuring ROI.

Convert candidates

Guide candidates through the steps to become a franchisee.


Here’s how FranchiZING Development software helps grow your franchise:

Prospect Manager

Create a 360° view of your prospects as they transition through your qualification process.

  • Web-based CRM
  • Build and manage prospect profiles
  • Add custom fields to track the unique aspects of each prospect

Sales Pipeline Management

Keep track of your sales lead pipeline as prospective candidates travel through each stage of the qualification process.

  • Build and manage prospect marketing campaigns
  • Track ROI from every lead source
  • Distribute and store documents associated with each prospect

Sales Management Team

Manage your franchise sales team and their activities.

  • Manage prospect assignments
  • View sales team activities within the system
  • Keep records of communications with future franchisees

Prospect Portal

Guide candidates through the steps it takes to become a franchisee.

  • Create a tailored user experience in a web-based sales portal
  • Ensure candidates follow the designated steps
  • Distribute and track materials specific to each prospect’s stage of the journey

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Waterstreet meets the demands of forward-looking Franchisors. Its franchise management software enables Zors to effectively grow and manage their franchise systems.

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