Integrations & Add-ons

Customizable solutions tailored to your business system.

Our software starts with franchise management best practices and extends via a growing list of plug-and-play software integrations and customization options. While most franchises will find everything they need in our core solution, we can also deliver those unique ‘must-haves’ that are holding you back from making the move to a new software system.

How it Works


Mix and match our 3 core solutions.

  • FranchiZEE
  • FranchiZOR
  • FranchiZING

Select from our list of plug-and-play integrations.

  • Call Center Interface
  • Mobile Service Management
  • Route Optimization and Mapping
  • Quickbooks Integrator

Talk to our team about custom features.

Our team can show you how to configure our software to meet your needs and, in some cases, a custom feature or module may be installed.

Request a demo to see how our software
can flex and extend to your unique needs.

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These guys are great. Waterstreet took the time to understand our needs and provided RedRock a solution that is the foundation of our business and our platform for growth.

Josh Hulbert, President
RedRock Resurfacing

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