About Us

Waterstreet Franchise Management Software is built by franchisors for franchisors.

For over 20 years, Waterstreet has worked with leading franchisors to develop and consolidate franchising best practices into our product. Our goal? To create the best operations and sales software for franchises to help them generate wealth based on the replication of good business practices. After all, you can only royalize success when your franchisees succeed and recognize the benefits you bring to their day-to-day reality.

This is what Waterstreet does.


Replicate Results to Royalize Success

FranchiZOR Operations Management Software for Franchises helps you quickly and easily replicate a proven business model by standardizing critical business metrics. Centralized reporting provides system-wide comparatives and metrics that can identify high performing versus low performing franchisees.

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Enable & Empower Franchisees

FranchiZEE Franchisee Operations Management Software helps franchisees effectively run their business so they spend more time building their businesses. The solution includes back-office tools to help franchisees manage employees, available resources, customers, estimates, work orders and job scheduling.

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Right Tools to Realize Growth

FranchiZING Franchise Development Tools helps franchisors manage prospecting and development. Franchise sales, operations, and marketing software improves franchisee recruitment and develops prospects into long-term business partners.

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