How to Improve Customer Experience with Franchise Management Software

Today’s customers expect more than just a good deal—they are placing increasing value on service performance and overall customer experience. In fact, recent studies estimate that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Franchise management software can play an important role in improving the customer experience—does yours have what it takes? Here are five ways to use the best CRM software for franchises to help your field service franchise stand out with superior customer experience.

Automate the Booking Experience

Start the franchise customer experience off with a convenient way to book a field service estimate from a mobile device, instantly. Use the best CRM software for franchises with integrated real-time scheduling to allow customers to see what time slots are available so they can book an estimate from any mobile device at their convenience. No more waiting on hold for an operator and then having to compare calendars to find accommodating dates and times.

Manage Customer Expectations With Status Updates

Once a job is booked, provide customers with an accurate arrival time and keep them updated along the way. Franchise management software can provide integrated messaging and email notifications to ensure customers are informed of arrival times and the progress of any job. For emergencies (like a flood), automatic routing via a maps integration like Google Maps can help recalibrate the field service route in real-time to get to customers faster. 

Deliver Next-Level Service Through Digitalization

On the job, digitalize paperwork and records so that your customer can instantly approve estimates and pay to complete the job on the spot. Using franchise management software with a mobile services platform allows field service reps to create estimates in the field, authorize the estimate with signature approval and complete the job for the customer including providing them with a receipt of credit card payment. This seamless experience from the best franchise CRM software creates greater customer satisfaction.

Streamline Customer Service With a Central Knowledge Base

Throughout the customer journey, quickly provide customers with the right answers to their inquiries. From a call center with up-to-date customer service scripts to an extensive knowledge base with answers to common questions, franchise management software enhances the customer experience by streamlining communications and response times to customers’ needs and concerns.

Follow Up on Customer Satisfaction for Continual Improvement

Follow up with customers after each job to create a feedback loop that continually improves your customer experience. Job completion and satisfaction surveys built into franchise management software can provide both the franchisee and franchisor with the feedback that helps guarantee a quality customer experience along with brand presentation and satisfaction.


Are you giving your field service teams the tools they need to optimize franchise customer service across every customer touchpoint?

From first communication to job completion, Waterstreet Franchise Management Software provides the tools to manage and enhance the customer experience at every step of the relationship while providing you with valuable insight into the performance and quality assurance of the franchisee.

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