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Junk removal services are in high demand. More time spent at home means homeowners have come up close and personal with confronting their clutter. Many are looking for better ways to manage it, including eliminating the excess altogether. Increased demand means junk removal services need a support system that can offer a fast, safe, and easy experience for clients, but also for junk removal franchisees. Manage pricing, schedule pickup times, build a brand and present a seamless customer experience with software that helps franchisees take the “clutter” out of business management, while they remove the clutter from clients’ lives. At Waterstreet, our FranchiZOR software helps junk removal companies streamline their business processes.

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Economic struggles have clients looking for better ways to manage their budgets, which means junk removal services are more aware of how they can pass on their value to potential clients. With franchise management software, businesses can provide estimates with accuracy so there are no surprises once the job is done. Having an easy-to-use, reliable system also means scheduling with accuracy, knowing what a job entails, and the amount of time it will take to accomplish it. With accurate estimates and reliable scheduling, junk removal services will be able to create a service brand that is focused on safety, ease of use, accuracy, and reliability.


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Building a brand is an essential component of any business. From image consistency to customer experience, staying “on brand” from one customer to the next is crucial. Junk removal is no exception. With applicable software, businesses can communicate brand expectations, from logos to color expectations, from uniforms to on-point marketing. Using software specifically developed for brand management and customer experience will grow your junk removal business across multiple locations, while assuring that franchisees follow best practices, collaborate ideas, and represent a well-managed and tested brand.

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