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Consumer need for adequate air-purification and sanitation services is growing quickly, and your franchise business may be struggling to keep up. You could be facing challenges such as franchise standardization, organization, and branding. Maybe you’re simply looking for digital space to share your agreements, facilitate communication, and handle your franchisor operations. No matter your organizational needs, Waterstreet Technology has the answer.

With Waterstreet’s multi-tier solution, we help both franchisors and franchisees alike. Read more below on our three software platforms and their uses.


With our FranchiZOR software, you can lay the foundation for a successful air-purification or sanitization franchise company. With the ability to stay in control, communicate, and track performance, your company will perform at a higher level while ensuring your franchisees have the access they need to important company information. Our FranchiZOR software includes:

● An internal Franchisee Directory for territory definition, operational agreements, and performance logs
● A template system for distribution of documents to franchisees including suggested pricing, job categories, marketing campaigns, and more
● A Resource Center where you can share documents and consolidate important information for use by your franchisees

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To assist individual franchisees, we developed the FranchiZEE software. Synced with the franchisor’s standard practices, day-to-day tasks are made easier and standardized with our multifaceted solution to franchisee operations. Our FranchiZEE software includes:

● A CRM database that includes sales analysis through a variety of metrics
● Employee management through timesheets, labor assignments, and more
● Built-in scheduling and resource allocation for employees, crews, and trucks
● Tax management, price lists, and performance reports

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Building a successful franchise company means finding new franchise candidates. With our FranchiZING software, you can concentrate on quickly developing your shortlist of candidates into fresh franchise owners. The FranchiZING software includes:

● A Prospect Manager that allows you to build a custom profile of candidates
● Monitoring and tracking of sales lead pipelines and ROI from lead sources
● Management of sales team assignments and communication records
● A custom prospect portal for candidates to track their application process

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We help franchisors and franchisees alike in the sanitation and air purification space!


As a software company specializing in franchisors, we offer solutions to common problems. A key component of a successful franchise company is the ability to implement and maintain successful business practices across multiple locations, all while monitoring brand usage for consistency. Standardization can be a large challenge for growing franchise companies, and Waterstreet has the software solutions to help your air-purification or sanitation company succeed.

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