eZee Field Service Software

Franchisee field service management software with the flexible tools to run day-to-day operations.


As a franchisor, you’ve partnered with entrepreneurial franchisees who want to manage and grow their businesses based on your brand’s best practices. To succeed, they need the right operational tools but with enough flexibility to succeed in their local market with decision making capacity for their own unique territory.


eZee Field Service Software  gives franchisees the tools and guidance to manage day-to-day operations and make the best decisions to grow their businesses.

Run day-to-day operations

Templated tools to run day-to-day field services and back office operations.

Stay on brand

Help franchisees leverage your proven best practices.

Make the best decisions

Allow franchisees to operate with flexibility within defined parameters.


Here’s how eZee Field Service Software helps franchisees succeed:

Customer Relationship Management

Manage each phase of your customer lifecycle with eZee Field Service Software, from lead to customer to reporting.

  • Customer & Sales Lead CRM
  • Auto Responders, Callbacks, eMail and SMS Notification
  • Estimates, Quotes & Proposals
  • Job Scheduling, Dispatch & Routing
  • Job Completion & Compliance Check list   
  • Invoicing with integrated Payment Processing 
  • Recurring Services, Service Contracts & Project Services 
  • Sales Metrics and Analysis

Franchisee Operations Management

Configure and manage day-to-day operations including:

  • Localized Franchisee Settings
  • Employee & Subcontractor Management
  • Labor Management
  • Commission & Bonus Tracking 
  • Affiliate Referral Partners
  • Marketing and Campaign Management 
  • Localized Price List & Customer Pricing 
  • Service Area Mapping
  • Tax Rate Mapping 

Scheduling & Dispatch Routing

Schedule, Dispatch and Optimize Routes for Estimates, Jobs and Callbacks. 

  • Job Scheduling and Dispatch including Route Optimization
  • Optional Clock In & Clock Out Time Tracking 
  • Resource Allocation for crews, trucks and individual employees
  • Integrated Google mapping services
  • Integrated with Zillow and other 3rd Party providers including GPS  

Products & Services

Brand Level Management of Products & Services.

  • Brand level definition of Price Lists
  • Franchisee level definition of Pricing 
  • Localized tax rules and other defining parameters
  • Localized Price Levels for Commercial, Residential & Customer Defined Pricing  

Report Center

Evaluate franchisee business performance and metrics.

  • Marketing ROI
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Labor Summary 
  • Commission Report
  • Average Job Size
  • Sales Performance
  • Sales History
  • Expenses
  • Received Payments
  • Taxation Report
  • Payroll Summary 

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