Readiness Checklist: How to Tell If You’re Ready for Franchise Management Software

To grow revenues without proportionally increasing costs, you’ll eventually need franchise management software to help streamline operations as you scale. The question is—when exactly is that point in time when you shift from doing it all yourself to taking the plunge into franchise management software?


Here is a readiness checklist to help you determine if now is the time to adopt franchise management software for your business. How many of these challenges are you having now?


  1. You’re losing track of leads.
  2. You don’t remember the last time you talked to each franchisee.
  3. Different franchisees have different versions of your manual and other materials.
  4. It’s taking more than a day to answer franchisee questions…and you have no way of sharing the answers with everyone.
  5. You’re scrambling to get paid and chasing after invoices.
  6. Branding is starting to look different across franchisees.
  7. Field service teams aren’t utilized fully throughout the day—even though there are plenty of jobs.
  8. Field service teams are still bringing paper and pens out to jobs.
  9. You’re not sure how you’re going to gather your piles of receipts into accounting software come tax time.
  10. Your financial projections don’t give you the confidence to grow.


How many yesses did you get?


1-3 Yesses: Time to Get Ahead.
You’re starting to feel the weight of growth because you’ve figured out the formula you need to grow your franchise. This is good news—but it also means that now is the time to document it within franchise management software. Just look at all the issues and risks you can prevent by getting ahead now.


4-6 Yesses: Time is Money.
At this point, your growth potential may be stagnating because you can’t scale yourself—you only have 24 hours in a day. As a result, the inefficiencies are starting to cost you money. Don’t wait until your accountant has to lecture you about out of control costs– you still have time to get your processes under control if you start now.

7-10 Yesses: Time to Take Back Control. 

The time to adopt franchise management software was yesterday. But, it’s not too late to turn things around. You know you need this so your challenge is figuring out which franchise management software will fit your needs and potentially customize to the various processes you’ve already created. Sign up for some demos and start using Franchise Management Software while you still have a cohesive franchise.


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Paul Andersen, CFO
The Maids International

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