How to Implement Key Templates for Franchise Management Success

Your franchise has a template for success. But can your franchisees easily follow it? Whether you’ve documented your processes or are formalizing them for the first time, franchise management software can help you refine and implement the steps it takes to replicate the results of your proven business model.

To help standardize key processes and guide franchisees to follow them, this blog post identifies five types of templates to look for in franchise management software.

Five Types of Franchise Management Templates

  1. Franchise brand guideline templates

    A consistent customer experience is an important driver of your franchise’s brand equity. If you’ve created a brand, but not yet a brand guide, choose a franchise management software that can standardize the parent / child relationship with your franchisees.

    Look for franchise management software with brand guideline templates that allow you as the Franchisor to create, distribute and control your brand assets including, marketing collateral, advertising channels and cost allocation.

  2. Sales playbook template for franchisees

    Your franchisees are responsible for growing their clientele but you need to give them a template to find and convert customers.

    Create a sales playbook that will walk them through the steps of closing a deal, including: training guides and presentation materials, the latest sales scripts, how to manage prospects, leads and follow ups, how to send estimates and, ultimately, close the deal.

  3. Estimate templates for field service teams

    A consistent process for managing templated estimates will help reduce the risk of sales falling through the cracks.

    Within franchise management software, estimate templates should also have built-in automation so that franchisees can send, store and track the deals in their sales pipelines. On the customer-facing side, the estimates franchisees send out to prospects need to be consistent, on brand and easy to understand.

  4. Timesheet and payroll templates

    How will your franchisees track employee hours and then pay everyone in compliance with local employment laws?

    To keep payroll in order, guide franchisees with the following templates: timesheets; employee roles and salary schedule; labor assignment; and commission tracking that’s integrated with payroll management software.

    Integrating these templates into your franchise management software can also help franchisees make the right calculations and set important deadline reminders.

  5. Royalty calculations including templates for streamlining franchise royalty collection

    You also need to get paid. Templates for calculating royalties and invoicing can help you collect the payments from franchisees.

    Build the following templates into your franchise management software to help automate the process: royalty calculations based on revenue thresholds and reporting period; royalty calculations based on flat fee versus percentage or both; master agreements that roll up the royalty calculation based on multiple territories; automated payment templates to streamline receipt of royalties.

Implement Franchise Management Templates with Franchise Management Software

Moving templated business processes into franchise management software is the perfect time to bridge the gap between the systems you already have in place and the best practices you should strive to implement. An ideal franchise management software should therefore flex to your needs but also provide guidance to ensure you’ve covered all the necessary steps.

Waterstreet Can Help You Template Your Success

Waterstreet is franchise management software that was built specifically by franchisors for franchisors allowing you to benefit from over 10 years of refining best practices and templating them.

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