How to Manage Your Franchise Remotely Using Franchise Management Software

As a franchise owner, it’s time to take the lead and set your franchisees up with everything they need to run their businesses remotely. Setting up a virtual office helps your franchisees and their employees work from anywhere. After all, field service franchises provide many essential services that households rely on, such as cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, and other maintenance services. Can your field service franchise support customers while also supporting franchisees and their teams remotely? Remote franchise work is the need of the hour.

Now is the time to digitize your franchise. 

While successful franchises need consistent, repeatable processes, they also need to be agile. Right now, that means adapting to support remote franchise management with the best franchise management software. Using digitization and the cloud, the best franchise management software allows teams to run day-to-day operations from any computer or mobile device. Acting as a central hub of communication, franchise management software for remote work also helps to quickly and accurately get the latest updates and policies out to franchisees—so they can get the latest updates out to their customers.

Additional benefits of remote work

Giving your franchise team the opportunity to work remotely with software has wide-ranging benefits that can enhance the performance and community of franchise teams. In addition to 24/7 connectivity, studies show that remote work can enhance productivity, increase job satisfaction and lower turnover.

Are you ready to run your franchise remotely?

Waterstreet can help franchisors get the best franchise management software for the virtual office up and running in as little as five days. Our franchise management software is built by franchisors for franchisors, so it covers what franchisors need at the franchise level, what franchisees need at the operations level and what field service teams need to stay connected.

Key features for virtual franchise management software:

With an internet connection and access to Waterstreet’s secure franchise management portal, franchises can continue to perform critical tasks remotely. Waterstreet features for remote franchise work include all the tools you need to run a virtual franchise office in the cloud, business mitigation built in.

  • Integrated group messaging, video conferencing, document library and photo storage to enhance collaboration.
  • Centralized document management to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Virtual calendaring to schedule employees, crews and resources from any starting address including home.
  • Virtual tracking of estimates, invoices, payments and royalties.

Run your franchise remotely with Waterstreet Franchise Management Software

Learn how to set up your virtual franchise fast. The experts at Waterstreet can walk you through six simple steps to implement franchise management software and the franchise management templates you’ll need to quickly digitize your operations.

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Hands down, one of the best software companies we have worked with. Waterstreet’s Field Service Management software provides The Maids with the core tools and technology to better manage our franchise system.

Paul Andersen, CFO
The Maids International

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