When is the Best Time to Invest in Franchise Management Software?

If you’re planning for the next stage of your franchise business, you might be wondering if it’s finally time to invest in franchise management software. The short answer is: yes—because it’s always the right time to invest in management software for franchise startups and businesses. No matter where you are on the journey of building your franchise system, the right franchise management software helps supercharge business growth.”

Here’s why.

Startup Franchises

If you’re just starting out, the right franchise management platform helps enable rapid growth, builds off the collective expertise of other franchises, and helps instill best practices.  Our franchise startup management software can even help you find new opportunities you didn’t know you were missing.

With the right startup franchise management software in place, prospective franchisees see you are ready to support their onboarding and ready to lead them to success.

Growing Franchises

If you’ve been in the trenches for a while, odds are you have a fragmented system that works –but the chaos is building. Don’t let growth overwhelm you. Franchise business management software helps growing franchises document and digitize workflows in one place. Digital tools also help streamline field service work and meet growing expectations from your franchisees to improve technology and advance efficiency.

In addition, franchises in a growth phase need franchise business management software for compliance tracking, auditing and mentoring in order to ensure brand integrity among a growing number of franchisees.

Mature Franchises

Beyond growth challenges, mature franchises have to manage franchisee relationships that have fatigued over time. You also need to figure out how to handle franchise resales and amalgamation as individual franchisees exit the system. Simplify this lifecycle phase with a consistent process facilitated by an appropriate franchise management software platform.

Mature franchises also know that providing franchisees with quality franchise management software demonstrates market leadership and brand value–particularly when franchisees ask, “What have you done for me lately?”

Waterstreet Franchise Management Software takes your franchise system to the next level with built-in guidance at every stage of deployment. With a modular framework, Waterstreet lets you extend and expand at every stage of your business.

FranchiZOR Operations Management Software can walk you through the franchise management software setup process to help document your proven business model and keep all your franchises on the same page.

Add on the FranchiZING Franchise Development module to get your business development side up and running.

FranchiZEE Operations Management Software gives your franchisees the tools they need to succeed in the day-to-day management of their businesses.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what Waterstreet customers at various stages of growth have to say:

As a startup: “Waterstreet has been instrumental in getting our franchise system ready to launch. Their franchise management platform enabled us to template our successful painting business into a platform our franchisees use to manage and grow their business.” — Rick Hernandez, President of Team Sepi Painting Franchise

As a growing franchise: “Waterstreet meets the demands of forward-looking Franchisors. Its franchise management software enables Franchisors to effectively grow and manage their franchise systems.” — Mark Siebert, CEO of The iFranchise Group

As a mature franchise: “Hands down, one of the best software companies we have worked with. Waterstreet’s Field Service Management software provides The Maids with the core tools and technology to better manage our franchise system.” –Dan Kirwan, COO of The Maids International.

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Hands down, one of the best software companies we have worked with. Waterstreet’s Field Service Management software provides The Maids with the core tools and technology to better manage our franchise system.

Paul Andersen, CFO
The Maids International

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