How to Supercharge the Growth of Your Franchise

While we previously talked about how franchise management software helps franchisors at every stage of the franchise life cycle, this blog post focuses on how it supports growth. You’ll learn how the right franchise expansion software features can create royalty-enhancing efficiencies across your entire network of franchisees—supercharging the growth of your franchise business.  Follow these three franchise growth solutions to help your business grow exponentially.

Franchise Growth Hack #1: Prove the Strength of Your Brand with an Intranet and Resources Center

To grow your franchise, you need to be able to prove the value of your brand to new potential franchisees. Why should entrepreneurs join your franchise? Are you ready to support them and their own business goals? Franchise management software helps strengthen your pitch to new prospects by demonstrating that you have strong, consistent and well-documented systems in place. Consistent systems help build a strong brand and act as a guidance system for franchise growth solutions and success.

FranchiZOR Franchise Operations Management Software from Waterstreet helps document your brand and processes through a secure intranet with a knowledge base and collaborative platform for interactive discussions on best practices. You’ll be able to prove you have the systems in place to support franchise growth.

Franchise Growth Hack #2: Support Business Development with a CRM and Call Center

Once you’ve documented your brand and essential processes, it’s time to focus on business development to grow your franchise. The right franchise management software helps manage the business development process so you can keep track of your franchisee prospects, sales pipeline, sales scripts and other necessary documentation to close deals. When you close more deals, you collect more royalties. With our franchise growth solutions, your franchise grows and so does your bottom line.

FranchiZING Franchise Development Software from Waterstreet helps you recruit new franchisees with prospecting and sales management tools that include a web-based CRM, a call center interface for your business development reps, and even a prospect portal to manage the documentation of the deal.

Franchise Growth Hack #3: Create Efficiencies with Templated Procedures and Mobile Tools

The right franchise management software also helps you grow by creating revenue-enhancing efficiencies for field service teams. After all, if you can increase the efficiency of site visits, field services teams can do more business. By optimizing scheduling, field service teams spend less time on the road and complete more jobs per day. And, with mobile field service tools, your team can go about their business from the field while also reducing the errors, time and costs associated with manual paperwork. These efficiencies also help improve the customer experience, which helps drive even more business.

FranchiZEE Operations Management Software from Waterstreet enables best practices across an entire brand while creating efficiencies at every level of the franchisee’s day-to-day operations.  Use Route Optimization to minimize drive time and maximize availability. Add on Mobile Tools to run your business from the field using your mobile device.

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