5 Key Capabilities for Mobile Franchise Management Software

5 Key Capabilities for Mobile Franchise Management Software

If you’re a mobile franchise, you and your field service teams are always on the go—so your management tools need to work on the go too. Fortunately, smartphones and tablets can deliver powerful mobile features. But only if you have the right software. To provide the connected support your field service teams need, make sure your mobile franchise CRM software has these five key capabilities. 

  1. Access to Job and Customer Information

To show up at the job site prepared, it’s important for your field service crew to review customer profile information and job details. Understanding the customer’s challenge and background information ensures your crew arrives with the right plan and tools to get the job done. It also helps boost customer confidence. So make sure your franchise CRM software gives your team the job details and customer information they need, when and where they need it.

  1. Real-Time Scheduling and Routing

Mobile franchise CRM software should enable real-time schedule changes for your teams in the field, alerting them to new jobs, changes to existing jobs or changes to routing. Also look for route optimization—it can really help maximize productivity. Just make sure that your route optimization feature is flexible enough to automatically recalibrate if you’ve made schedule changes. And make sure this feature provides your teams in the field with updated maps and directions to ensure they arrive at their next scheduled job on time. 

  1. Opportunity and Estimate Management

Prospective customers usually need a quote before giving you the go-ahead. So your mobile franchise management software should be able to document and log the opportunity and provide an estimate on site. This real-time engagement provides a better experience for the customer and an opportunity to get immediate approval when coupled with features like electronic signature and down payment processing.

  1. Work Order and Job Updates

Mobile franchise management software should have the capabilities and features to track work orders and job completion in real time. You should be able to manage change orders and job modifications in the field and, if necessary, upload photos to document job progression and completion. The software should allow an easy transition from completed work order to invoice. And again, make sure you can capture the customer’s signature for a job well done.

  1. Payment Processing

The work is done. The customer is happy and the invoice is in their hand.  It sure would be nice to get paid now! That’s why your mobile franchise management software should provide payment collection in the field via credit card or ACH.  Being able to collect payments in the field not only means getting paid faster, it also provides a concrete digital record reducing the risk of invoices falling through the cracks. To maximize your value with this feature, also make sure the software automatically prepares the data for your accountant.


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